Band playing

“The Other Way has a totally unique sound and aesthetic,

with a message that is urgently relevant to today.” James Keay, Gifford’s Circus

The Other Way is eco-centric jazz-hop for the heart. It is music for holding hands as we stare into the void. It is the funeral music for life itself and a blind leap into the eternal joy of the cosmos. It is also funky.

The Other Way was hatched in the brain sockets of Billie Bottle and Rowan Porteous while on tour with Gifford’s Circus in 2019. The project grew out of mildly delirious discussions in caravans over fish and chips, which neither of them can now remember. To aid both understanding and groove, it soon became necessary to enlist the aid of Emma Holbrook and Max Findlay. 

“Off kilter punk jazz with a funky edge” Mike Flynn, Jazzwise Magazine


What our fans have been saying . . .

”Love this! Dancing away, and wow that trumpet sound is AMAZING!”

”I love it! Spontaneous genius!”

“Absolutely incredible stuff!”

”Stop what you are doing and check out this beautiful original music. In this age of “no live music” it’s great to see original compositions and improvisation. Split screen arrangements and covers are cool but this video is a glimpse into what makes live music amazing.”


Rowan Porteous

Trumpet, electronics, composer. Rowan is the Mystic principle of true cause channelled in fleshy matter. He works to defend the fountain of joy at the centre of existence through sonic outpourings. His other hobbies include giving up biscuits.

Billie Bottle

On vocals and keys. Billie likes to meditate upon the brevity of life, the delicate and complex forces that bind experience together, and the sources of artistic inspiration or rebirth. She also makes a very good halloumi sandwich.

Emma Holbrook

On drums! Emma is an astrophile meanderer and sardonic night traveller suspicious of those who claim to know the truth. She takes her bins out on a Thursday.

Max Findlay

Max on bass. A swirling vortex of funk in the form of a man, an unholy Goliath of groove whose polyrhythmic tentacles embrace the multiverse. He owns a Labrador.